Unisex lightweight t-shirt

There are three popular options for printing onto t-shirts. Each method have their benefits and drawbacks and deciding which one to work with will partially rely on how much time you wish to invest in the product or service creation and which printing partner you choose.

Having trouble thinking about some themes for the design? Here are some ideas you try for a custom all-over-print shirt: Paintings or drawings Flags Ironic situations or spiritual exploration Outer space and science fiction When picking a topic, keep in mind that there won’t be any limitations with all-over-print shirts. Keep your design flowing across the garment’s entirety.

The thickness of the velvet effect ranges from two to fifteen millimeters. In the printing process, the velvet technique takes a heat press as a way to produce quality.

Types of local t-shirt products for shirt screen printing on the market

T-shirts can be a staple for men, women, and children all over the world. Creating an online t-shirt company is profitable and has low startup costs in comparison to other work at home opportunities. While t shirt printing hong kong business profit varies determined by your niche and marketing costs, you can set up a profitable additional revenue stream in as little as thirty days.

This method is incredibly beneficial because it can print t-shirts completely color as well as in huge sizes. It can be also printed around body size.

In addition, we also recruit qualified and experienced experts and production partners. On average, our staff and partners have an overabundance than several years of experience inside t-shirt production process.

This type of screen printing runs on the special paint that has a glowing effect when subjected to light or lamps. This glowing effect will be seen clearly if irradiated from the distance of approximately three meters.


If you have a web based t-shirt printing business, then you can definitely relate with this increase in the market industry. To attract more customers, you have to give them what they are trying to find. You must have come up with latest and unique designs.

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